Portobello Market


On Saturday we went to the world famous Portobello market in Notting Hill.

This market is complete indulgent, overwhelming, and has the power to take you to another time, another land.

I’ve seen a market or two in my day, and this Portobello market land goes really far beyond expectations.

It is every single kind of market you can think of in one (And the sub categories of market type were extremely organized for an early 1730’s originated market that used to be farm, I must add).

The market starts with endless antiques, silver goods of every kind, old maps, old art, old furniture, it’s like being at Antique road show, but so much better, then it  goes into european modern fashion, followed by the most fantastic vintage fashion selection. Which then turns into the most amazing array of fresh foods from all over the world, an over the top impressive selection of farmers market options, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, gelato, Paella, used items for everyone in the family and every room in the house, everything for the home, for the garden, for the bike lover, for the jewelry lover and on and on and on. It took us 4 hours to walk the whole market, and we skipped a lot of it because it was just so much of everything and we were a little overwhelmed by the whole thing to be honest.

It had absolutely everything, and a completely excited and in awe crowd to boot.

The ambiance is lovely, a gorgeous mix of modern and old and trendy and vintage. Talented artists played on the corners, filling the streets with their voices and sounds, from everything to indie artists, reggae, to a lady on the corner with a microphone singing Aretha Franklin. The market is a truly inspiring experience that will have any non history enthusiast see London’s history come into modern day in the most fantastic way. I bought a few things, but as we are trying to furnish a new flat we are trying to be as frugal as possible. But I did get one of those small clocks on a necklace, so adorable. I also got a 2 pound pajminas as well as a 2 pound top for work.

What a magical place. And the market runs every week, almost everyday.

Today we didn’t get so lucky. We were so excited about all the market fun that we decided to check out another London market, which resulted in us eating second breakfast at a cafe waiting for the rain to pass, which didn’t let up after 40 minutes, so we just went back to the bus stop in the rain.

However the rain did eventually let up and we spend a nice afternoon in Wimbledon shopping for things for the new place! We got a great coffee table from a charity shop for only 15 pounds! Who says London is expensive.

Tomorrow is back to work for me, and I will write more and update you on the job as I realized I haven’t written anything about this job which is the whole reason we moved here!

But that’s for another day. Right now I have a new leather couch and a glass of Merlot waiting for me.

Ta for now

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