We moved to London!!

I have the blogger guilt again. The one where you don’t write for so long and then you just keep prolonging writing because you feel like it’s been too long and everyday you just feel less and less like writing. Bad blogging habit! I must start writing just a little bit every day. And if you read the bit of the blog that is left, you know that every second blog starts with this kind of ‘oh man, I never write anymore and feel so bad about it’. All that same jazz. But at least I have a good excuse this time. Just a little moving to London!!

So, here’s the low down. We left Mexico in June and I felt increasingly depressed about that every single day and tried to fill the gap of depression with applying for dream jobs in London online and dreaming of one day doing the expat thing again but this time in jolly old England. Then one day (One gorgeous Calgary day that I got to enjoy the entirety of as I was not working at the time, I might add), I got an email from an international humanitarian charity in London looking for a Major gifts and corporate events person and they said that they would like to interview me over Skype and of course I said omgzz yes even though at my time it would have been 4:30 in the morning but I didn’t care. I wanted this job more than anything. So interview morning comes around and I sleep in and throw a blazer over my pyjamas and make a pot of coffee with the 4 minutes I had remaining as oppose to putting some make-up on and brushing my teeth. A girls gotta have priorities right? So the first hour of the interview was us trouble shooting skypes audio settings and me trying not to look completely terrified and on the verge of a meltdown and wondering what I am doing here with a blazer and pyjamas trying to have a skype interview that I am clearly not prepared for. Augh. Anyway so we finally work out the audio settings and everything goes well and I give this presentation and they say things like ‘marvellous’ and ‘that’s wonderful’ and all the english expressions of approval and happiness.

So 6:30am I fall back asleep dreaming of pubs and sheep and castles and all things english. 3 days later I get an e-mail saying they would be delighted to offer me the job and I throw myself on the ground like this dramatic little teenager. It was the most exciting feeling I’ve ever had and I felt more accomplishment right then and there than I ever had in my life. (Regardless of the fact that I was in my pyjamas, unemployed, crashing at a friends place for the entire summer).

So I Facebook B as he is out of town working and I write something about how we are moving to England on his Facebook wall, and now, I kind of regret telling him like that because I never got to see his reaction.

Anyway the thing was that they didn’t want me to start right away and I needed to make some serious money before I went. So, after a long weekend helping my sister and her family move to Victoria, I then took a job as a cleaning lady at my sisters cleaning company and cleaned 3 houses a day for 3 weeks and got in the best shape of my life doing that. So that was actually a good experience. I made some cash, I got the good abs, and I learnt how to clean the real way which I a bit embarrassed to admit I am just learning at 28 years old.

So then the time came to move to England. I said goodbye (again) to all my family and friends, which to my surprise and dismay, was actually somehow much harder the second time. Perhaps it has something to do with how far it is, how expensive it is, the 2 year work contract, I’m not sure. But I cried my face off for a full week and am still recovering from the sadness of saying goodbye to them all.

So, off we went to London and we spent the first week living half the time in a Travel lodge, then living in some strange little room while we looked for the perfect flat.

So we found the perfect flat and moved in 2 days ago!! It’s so dreamy. It is 10 minutes away from my office and it’s 15 minutes away from downtown London. It has a big closet, it’s completely renovated on the inside, yet old as ever on the outside, which is typical for London.

I have been at the new job for a week and it’s actually really overwhelming. The whole world of international development and humanitarianism is something I have absolutely no experience in and every day is a ridiculous amount of learning.

In all the craziness of this move we’ve taken little breaks to enjoy local pubs, explore Hyde park, Trafalgar square, and Buckingham palace and the Natural History Museum.

So, that’s where we are at. London is magical. I forgot how much I loved this place. From everything to the cheese and pickle sandwiches, the fish and chips, the smell of fresh rain and the old markets, to the bustling city, the history, the culture and the lovely afternoon at pubs.

It’s funny how as a 9 year old I completely loved the very same things here as I do 19 years later….
I guess some things never change.

More on London soon!! Maybe B will write a blog next time! That’s why it’s called L & B, is because we are both supposed to write…(hint hint šŸ™‚



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