Blueberry pancakes and Top Gear

This morning was one of those gorgeous Sunday mornings full of sleep. I slept in until around 11, and then Skyped with my 6 year old niece in Wales, she was so grown up and amazing.

When I go to London, we are going to visit and make magic wands, of course in honour of the last film, The Deathly Hallows: Part 2. She said she would find sticks and I will bring magical glitter.

Then I went upstairs and Tara was making homemade blueberry pancakes. With actual blueberries on top, and there was powered sugar as well. We sat outside in the hot sun, watching cows, eating pancakes and being blissfully lazy and indulgent.  After breakfast Aaron watched Top Gear and laughed his face off the whole time. It was awesome to see him so happy and relaxed, he works so hard.

The only thing missing from this morning was B. I haven’t really talked much about the work that he does. He works doing video production for Aaron’s company that does big shows all across Canada. In this instance the show was Tragically Hip in Vancouver. All summer, B jumps from show to show all over the place. I haven’t really seen him much since we got back from Mexico, and we haven’t even really celebrated the fact that we are moving to England together yet. We had one night that he had off, and we drank beer and ate so much food at this stinky old pub. He talked about how much he loves his work, and I talked about England, and I got to feel like we were on a real date again.

I felt a bit sad this morning that he was not able to be here to enjoy all of these simple, yet awesome times. He loves pancakes, and he really loves Top Gear.  He is so passionate about his work and puts his whole heart and everything into it. Just the way he does with everything else. He inspires me and challenges me to be better everyday. He is my best friend, and I wish him years of lazy mornings with Blueberry pancakes and Top Gear. Because he really deserves it.


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  1. YAY! I finally figured out this google reader thing – thanks for telling me about it!! =D You are now on my list! WAAHOOO!!

    Anyways – love that you sat outside watching cows. lol. only in Alberta! B’s job sounds fantastic! Of course not fantastic that he isn’t home all the time with you.. but definitely an experience for sure!

    Glad to see you back blogging my friend 🙂 Your amigos in the blogging world have missed you! =)

    Goodluck getting ready for London.. Is B going w/ you at the same time?

    xoxo S

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