Goodbye Mexico

This blog took me a very long time to write, and was the hardest blog I have ever had to write to date.

After months of job hunting, many late nights of brainstorming sessions, thinking outside the box, and other such attempts at staying above in a developing country, B and I have decided to pull the plug on living in Mexico. At least for this point in our lives.

We have been in Calgary now for two weeks, and although we miss living in Paradise tremendously, we had the time of our lives, are looking forward to new adventures.

We went to Mexico to discover a new culture and live a better life, and we did just that.

It was an amazing experience and I have no regrets.

I have seen and done things that I never in a million years thought I would have the opportunity to do.

I have spent more time relaxing on the beach than most do in a lifetime.

I have worked in a resort, and have seen exactly what happens behind the scene and exactly how hard everyone has to work to provide you with that 7 day all inclusive paradise experience.

I have kicked my fears in the shin time and time again and overcome things that held me back for years in the past.

I have met so many amazing people whose love for life and adventure has inspired me to always grow, always move, and always try something new no matter how scary it sounds and no matter what society expects of me.

I have made more friends in our 7 months in Mexico, than I had in 10 years before I came. These friendships are so special to me, because we experienced something together that most never have the chance to do.
I’ve learnt exactly how to completely design the life I want from the ground up, as oppose to living the life that I feel like I ‘should’ be living.

I have learnt that being ‘broke’ as we say in Canada is a ridiculous term, after seeing what people who actually have no money have to endure.

I have learnt that I do not have a hard life. I have been given the chance to live a good, comfortable life with endless opportunity. Most here will never have that luxury.
I’ve learnt from the poorest and happiest people I have ever known that happiness is from within, that life is what you perceive it to be, and that you always have a choice to be happy or not to be happy.

I had the most amazing time in Vallarta and fell in love with the special little town every single day.

Puerto Vallarta will always hold a special place in my heart, and I know without a doubt that B and I will be back. To live or to visit, I am not sure. But we will be back.

And, to answer your next two questions….

Yes I will definitely continue to blog.
About what?

About our new life in London, England. As I start my new job in Major Gifts and Corporate Events there on August 23rd.

Stay tuned, and thanks for following our adventure.

And, as pictures can tell the story that my pre-coffee 8am blogging just can’t right now, here is an idea of how we spent the last of our time in Mexico, just in case you were wondering. 🙂

We certainly took advantage of the time we had….



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